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V.A. - OST Bleach死神 2LP

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鷺巣詩郎配樂超貴的日版《BLEACH》2004年系列原聲帶黑膠,由2005年發行Tv Animation Bleach Original Soundtrack CD一二集中收錄31首曲目,Masterworks發行雙藍色雙彩膠版本剛剛發行即將起飛,收錄曲目一樣,海外數量一發行就快搶光光而且要漲價了,下週飛立即到,售完為止。
A1 On The Precipice Of Defeat 
A2 Raw Breath Of Danger 
A3 Enemy Unseen 
A4 Will Of The Heart 
A5 Heat Of The Battle 
A6 Blaze Of The Soul Reaper 
A7 Never Meant To Belong 
B1 Number One (Vocal Version) 
B2 Nothing Can Be Explained (Vocal Version) 
B3 Burden Of The Past 
B4 Catch-22 
B5 Storm Center 
B6 Requiem For The Lost Ones 
B7 Going Home 
C1 Choked 
C2 On The Verge Of Insanity 
C3 Confrontation 
C4 A Requiem 
C5 Citadel Of The Bount 
C6 Diago 45 Degree Tango 
C7 Ominous Premonition 
C8 Phenomena 
C9 Here To Stay 
D1 The Calling 
D2 Shadow's Masquerade 
D3 Whisper Of The Apocalypse 
D4 Back To The Wall 
D5 Rage Of Lunacy 
D6 Torn Apart 
D7 Swan Song 
D8 999